Selección francesa: Sagna, lesionado

Sagna, una nueva baja para la Eurocopa

Sagna se perderá la Eurocopa de Polonia y Ucrania

Sagna se duele consciente de su lesión

Malas noticias para la selección francesa de cara a la Eurocopa de Polonia y Ucrania. El lateral derecho, Bacary Sagna, se ha lesionado de gravedad en la última jornada disputada en la Premier League en la que su equipo, el Arsenal, se enfrentaba al Norwich.

La lesión llegó tras una entrada realizada por el rival Bradley Johnson, en la que el defensor de los ‘bleus’ se frecturó el peroné de la pierna derecha, misma lesión en la que cayera al comienzo de la temporada. Según las declaraciones del propio Sagna: “Me pisó la pierna y, cuando me levanté, sentí un ‘crack’, tal y como me pasó la última vez frente al Tottenham. Creo que lo hizo a propósito”. No obstante, afirmada a su vez que “Esto es fútbol. Le ha pasado lo mismo a otros futbolistas antes que a mí. Ya volví una vez y lo haré una segunda, aún más fuerte”.

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  1. Shaik says:

    you’ll notice I wasn’t exltcay defending the club’s actions just stating that for every perceived pivotal moment where losing a player was to spell doom for the club there have been others either at the club or signed as replacements who have done equally well and in the odd case even better than the original player. RVP is phenomenal and I am in no way belittling his contribution or stating that it’s something we can brush off as inconsequential. I think the club should (and probably is) be doing everything possible to keep him but if he does leave then you have to move on.As for Kroenke, I don’t believe he is going to be pumping any money in to the club regardless of whether we finish 1st or 17th. If you look at the club’s accounts he has paid a certain price for his shares but he’s not the one signing the cheques for our transfers to put it simply. He lets those employed to take care of transfers do their job and is just a figure of authority with little input on who to sign or how much he’s willing to release. He’s a majority shareholder and that is all. He’s not an owner with an active interest in the club whereby he’ll be analyzing every game. This is a business to him and as a company Arsenal Holdings/FC do not require investment to stay afloat. On the football side we all know that there is need for investment/additions but then that is taken care of with the money the club makes from its revenue sources including player sales. I am not thrilled by what we do on the financial side and with every season that passes by the frustration grows but if you stop for a second and look at it with some common sense, The Arsenal is run extremely well and is in a great position as an organization and in turn in no threat of going under due to external factors or football ones. I am not using Man City as an excuse and you’re right the club is frugal but then we have never been an extravagant club that suddenly decided to up sticks and change policies just to be able to compete with the others. We’ve always lived within our means and sold a lot and bought a few. It’s only now that self sustainability’, selling club’, etc. have become common phrases that keep getting repeated. What hurts is that the club is frugal yet expects the average fan to spend so much on tickets/merchandise. But beyond that I’m happy with the board being frugal. They were frugal when I first started following the club and they’re frugal now. That was when any club could win the league, now only a select few have a chance. If anything we’ve progressed tremendously in the last few decades. 3 1

  2. Phatama says:

    i agree that jenks would only grow as the fantastic peylar he’s destined to become by getting games in. i would love to see him deployed as a defensive midfielder once or twice to see if thats an option. he could be a monster like fellaini. paired with arteta, it could also free jack to be the central midfielder we need him to be, and give santi a little rest which i’m sure he needs as well. just a doesnt look like wenger doesn’t plan on making any moves in this window so we need to start thinking out of the box like this, maybe we could hit on something big, it sure couldn’t hurt. 6 18

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